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Webcasting is a process of broadcasting through the internet. It is also known as streaming. Webcasting can be used to describe both- live and on-demand distribution of pre-recorded content. It is a growing trend because it allows anyone with an internet connection to watch a broadcast remotely from anywhere in the world. Webcasts have become mainstream for sharing content across industries, from entertainment and education to business and social event broadcasting.

A webcast in its simplest form is streaming media. It can be a live event (broadcast at a fixed date and time) or on demand (viewable any time).

Uses of Webcasts

  • Live stream special events and Conferences.
  • Launch new products or corporate initiatives.
  • Remote company meetings to bring global teams together
  • To get other companies interested in their products (lead generation).
  • To deliver training to customers, partners, employees, and prospective clients.
  • To establish an effective communication channel with the remote audience.

Why Streampurple

  • Advance technology and innovation
  • End-to-end managed solutions with complete planning, implementation, execution, and support
  • End to end solutions with complete planning, implementation and archives
  • Comprehensive pre/post event analysis
  • Product specific - Ability to transfer control of the presentation product from “self” to “presenter” for high real time efficiencies
  • Tool specific – Purplestream works in complete sync with Windows Media Services from the initial planning phase to the final streaming/event ensuring- efficiency, optimization and maximum ROI.

Video On Demand (VOD)

Video-on-demand is the future of streaming and distributing video content. It delivers a unique, personalized experience to the viewer that is not possible with traditional linear programming.On-demand videos also allow

ELearning Solutions (Online Education Streaming)

The biggest challenge faced by Indian educational institutes is the lack of digital resources and a safe online platform for delivering the right information to their students or scholars.

Simulated Live Streaming

Streampurple offers professional broadcasting services to stream your live events to the world. We offer budget-friendly and personalized advanced simulated live streaming services that can be tailored to suit your needs.

Election Live Streaming

Streampurple is the best election live webcast provider you can trust to deliver real-time live streaming coverage of your most important election events. Via our proprietary streaming software and hardware

Live Other Sports Streaming

Streampurple streamlines the process of broadcasting sports events remotely and lets you take control of your live streaming. Our sports streaming services are 100% safe and reliable. We offer adaptive

Live Cricket Streaming

We are India’s leading live streaming service for the sports business. Our end-to-end broadcasting solutions provide content management, engagement tools, and a user-friendly dashboard to create a more social experience.

Social Media Coverage

StreamPurple is the best way to get your live event, conference, or function covered on social media platforms. Share phenomenal stories or content with your viewers with Streampurple Social Media Coverage streaming solutions.

Broadcasting Solutions

Streampurple provides broadcasting solutions and systems for live and on-demand video distribution as well as the transmission of audio/video (A/V) data in real-time. We have more than 10 years of experience in the Indian streaming industry.

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