Digital Signage

Digital signagerefers to the use of digital displays, such as LED, LCD, or projection screens, to showcase content like images, videos, or interactive media. It has become a popular and effective communication tool in various settings, providing dynamic and engaging content to a targeted audience. Here are some key aspects of digital signage


A Digital Signage solution should be feature rich & dynamic, fast, secure, scalable & support free.


Simple User Interface, ease of use so that management is hassle free and can be easily managed directly by the right team without overburdening the IT team to play this role..

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StreamPurple is a perfect combo...

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Best in class

A world class enterprise product.

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Feature Rich

40+ dynamic features

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Publish content to 100s of screens within seconds

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With 256 bit SSL level security, security is built in.

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Deploy as you need. Easily expand from 1 to 1000s of screens.

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Complex Custom Integration

We can do most complex integrations too.

Key Components in a Digital Signage Solution

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Suitable for all display types (from any brand, any size, deploy them in any orientation)

  • TV / Monitors
  • Professional Display
  • Indoor/Outdoor Active LED Display
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Media Box

Plug & Play DNB Box connects to each display over HDMI port.

  • Quad Core CPU/2GB RAM/16GB Flash
  • Ethernet/Wifi enabled
  • With inbuilt client software.
  • 4K Resolution
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Cloud Dashboard

  • Best in class, easy to use, mobile friendly user dashboard.
  • 40+ features that make easyboard the best choice for a data driven display.
  • Best performance

Centralized Management (Manage all screens from single dashboard)

  • User can manage content on all displays seamlessly from anywhere
  • Choose displays from any brand, indoor or outdoor.It’s a display independent solution.
  • User Interface is responsive which means it can be managed from any device-even from a mobile phone seamlessly. Having complete control on mobile phone ensures better management.
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    Split your screens into multiple regions.

  • Create as many as 8 regions on your screens.
  • Intuitive Drag Drop interface to easily create regions of any size
  • One click switch to Single/Multi Region.
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    Mute/Unmute/Custom Background Music.

  • Mute Un-mute a region.
  • Have a background music running for a region.

    Categorized Viewing (Connected Regions)

  • An auto running scroller view to showcase various categories
  • Connected region displays mapped content when respective category is highlighted.
  • Dynamic positioning.
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    Support for most formats

  • Most commonly used formats supported
  • On-Demand automatic conversion for non-supported video formats.
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    Scrolling View for tabulated data

  • Show tabulated data in large fonts with automatic scrolling.
  • Provision to change scrolling speed.
  • Rows,Columns automatically adjust when shown in smaller region.
Features Support Orientation
Image/video Contents eg-jpeg,jpg,png,Mp4 Yes landscape/ potrait
Web Site Streaming Yes landscape/ potrait
Scrolling Text Yes landscape/ potrait
RSS feed Yes landscape/ potrait
Clock Yes landscape/ potrait
Static text Yes landscape/ potrait
Live streaming(http,udp,ftp,rtp) Yes landscape/ potrait
PDF Yes landscape/ potrait
PPT Yes landscape
Background Playlist(FM, Audio) Yes landscape/ potrait
Retail Menu/product Info/ Hospital Diagnostics Yes landscape/ potrait
Notice Board/td> Yes landscape/ potrait
Kiosk mode (website) Yes landscape/ potrait
Screen Orientation Yes landscape/ potrait
Content Scheduling Yes landscape/ potrait

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