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We are India’s leading live streaming service for the sports business. Our end-to-end broadcasting solutions provide content management, engagement tools, and a user-friendly dashboard to create a more social experience. Streampurple is a sports streaming solution that helps you stay one step ahead of your competition. All the live matches from around the world- right on your website!
No more complicated setups or expensive hardware; Streampurple is the simplest way to broadcast cricket events live. With just one click, you can stream videos with our highly adaptive streaming technology so that viewers are guaranteed an uninterrupted viewing experience in their preferred viewing resolutions/ bandwidth.

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Give your viewa the immersive feel of a cricket stadium experience at home

Streampurple stands at the forefront of India's sports streaming industry, offering comprehensive broadcasting services tailored for sports businesses. Our integrated solutions encompass content management, engagement features, and an intuitive dashboard, enhancing social interaction and viewer experience. Streampurple equips you with the tools to outpace competitors, delivering live sports matches from across the globe directly to your platform. Stay ahead in the game with Streampurple's cutting-edge sports streaming solution, empowering you to elevate your audience engagement and content delivery seamlessly.

Cricket live video streaming made easy

Gone are the days of complex configurations and costly equipment. Streampurple offers a straightforward solution for live cricket broadcasting. Our streamlined platform allows you to go live with just a single click, leveraging advanced streaming technology to ensure seamless viewing across various resolutions and bandwidths. Viewers can enjoy uninterrupted cricket action, tailored to their preferred quality, thanks to our adaptive streaming capabilities. Streampurple simplifies live streaming, empowering you to deliver captivating cricket events effortlessly.

Our features can make all the diiference

From intricate event production coordination to seamless connectivity services and comprehensive end-to-end monitoring, Streampurple handles every aspect of cricket event management. Our diverse features and cricket streaming services empower you to tailor your content delivery for unlimited audience engagement and reach. With Streampurple, you have the tools to customize and optimize your streaming experience, ensuring a seamless and captivating broadcast that captivates audiences far and wide.

Dedicated customer support

Streampurple is the preferred choice of top sports organizations across India. Our unparalleled proficiency lies in consistently delivering top-tier, reliable, and secure high-definition streams with minimal latency and downtime. Count on Streampurple's expertise to ensure seamless, uninterrupted broadcasting that exceeds industry standards in quality and performance.