E-Learning Online Education Streaming Services in India

The biggest challenge faced by Indian educational institutes is the lack of digital resources and a safe online platform for delivering the right information to their students or scholars. That’s why, Streampurple aims- to bridge that gap!
Streampurple offers comprehensive online solutions in India by combining online video streaming with e-learning modules to give educators the tools they need to achieve their goals.
By integrating interactive features and personalized learning experiences, Streampurple ensures educators can engage and empower every student effectively. This innovative platform not only fills the digital gap but also fosters a vibrant and secure online environment conducive to academic success.

Stream Purple

India's ultimate solution for online education streaming.
What we offer?

Best e-learning services to scale your education business

  • Stream recorded as well as live lectures
  • Broadcast induction programmes
  • Deliver engaging messages
  • Share e-learning exercises, content modules, and programme information.

Reach your target audiences with our online education streaming solutions

Get all your courses in one place!
Streampurple provides you with a platform to broadcast live or pre-recorded lectures and courses. You can also schedule programme courses in advance to offer students continuous and uninterrupted access for a set time. We make it easy for you to choose the best formats that work for you and your business, such as streaming video, HD video, audio only, live chat, and more!

The most affordable way for online education streaming in india

In addition to our budget-friendly pricing, Streampurple offers customizable solutions tailored to the unique needs of each educational institution. Our commitment to affordability is matched by a dedication to providing comprehensive support and innovative features that enhance the online learning experience. Join Streampurple today to unlock the full potential of digital education without financial constraints.

Virtual learning enivironment

Streampurple's virtual learning environment is designed to scale seamlessly, empowering educational institutions to efficiently reach and engage millions of students concurrently. With robust technology and reliable infrastructure, we ensure a smooth and impactful online learning experience for learners of all levels and backgrounds.